All the Warehouse Sale Details!

Here at Wind Blown, all of our jewelry is handmade in Wake Forest, North Carolina, and we’re really proud of that. Although, contrary to popular belief (😭), we actually aren’t perfect 100% of the time. Occasionally, there are some dents, scratches, and imperfections on the jewelry after we craft it. It’s usually something like the chain is a tiny bit shorter than normal or there is a scratch on the back of the pendant. And let me tell you, our warehouse sale is truly a win-win. It allows us to recycle those "not-quite-perfect" pieces and allows YOU the chance to get jewelry that is still GREAT at a very discounted rate. Remember, the only other time we discount jewelry is Black Friday weekend, so it is a pretty big deal!
Give me the details.
The sale will be happening on July 3 at 10 am EST. For those of you who have shopped this sale before, you know that you’d better be ready at 10 am sharp—don’t be late! We’ll have over 500 products with major discounts. Anyone with a ticket will be able to shop, so purchase your ticket for $10 HERE.  
Why are you guys doing tickets?
Great question. Last year we had over 200 products, and we almost completely sold out in 12 minutes (that’s right... 12 minutes!). People would put things in their cart, and by the time they would check out, the jewelry would be gone. Yikes. This year, in order to make things simpler, we’re making a ticket mandatory in order to shop. This will help us smooth out the checkout process (you’ll already have an account!) and allow us to make sure there are enough products for everyone who wishes to shop. 
There will be a limited number of tickets sold to ensure that everyone who buys a ticket and shops the sale will be able to checkout with something. You will only have access to the warehouse sale if you have purchased a ticket.
How are you categorizing the jewelry?

We’re putting the jewelry into three categories:
  1. “Is there anything wrong with that?”
  2. “I’d totally still wear that”
  3. “It's got character!”
“Is there anything wrong with that?”
We think these are good enough to gift! The integrity and durability of the pieces have not been compromised at all. A very detailed eye could find the imperfection (though it still may take you a while). Like all of our normal jewelry, these pieces are still great for sensitive skin.
They may have: 
  • Insignificant scratches or tiny dents
  • Negligible discoloration
  • Could be a hair off-centered
  • Barely noticeable, uneven surfaces
  • Otherwise “brand new” retired pieces
  • Prototypes that were never sold
Example: Belong Necklaces usually sell for $58. An “Is there anything wrong with that?” Belong Necklace will sell for $48 in the Warehouse Sale.
“I’d totally still wear that!”
We wear jewelry from this “class” and you have probably never even noticed! Imperfections won’t be noticed while wearing them. These are great for buying for yourself!
  • The integrity and durability of the pieces haven’t been compromised at all
  • Still great for sensitive skin
  • Slight scratches or small dents
  • Occasional discoloration
  • A little off-centered
  • Slightly noticeable, uneven surfaces on pendants 
Example: “I’d totally still wear that!” Belong Necklace will sell for $38 instead of the normal $58. That is a fantastic deal for some jewelry that you will wear and love for years to come!
“It's got character!”: 
These pieces are around 50%-80% off of retail value. These are great to buy for yourself if you aren’t picky!

These pieces might include:
  • Brass which will patina (can be cleaned with the polishing cloth included in your order)
  • Noticeable discolorations
  • Not always gold plated or gold filled (some of them still are)
  • Uneven textures and surfaces
  • Deeper scratches
  • Earrings slightly mismatched
  • May not last as long as the other two categories
  • Could be great starter jewelry for little girls or young teens

Example: A Belong Necklace with “character” will sell for $28. That is THIRTY dollars off retail!!! 


Have any tips or tricks?

    • You will get the most bang for your buck if you order multiple pieces since you have already bought a ticket and since you are paying shipping. 

    • Know your ring size (or arounnnnnnnd it) before you shop! Check out our guides HERE if you don’t already know yours.

    • Grab some “Is there anything wrong with that?” items to store away for gifts. They are still beautiful and giftable!

Please know that our number one goal is to love and care for you, our customers. We personally categorized each piece and, when in doubt, we categorized lower. We truly are excited for you all to add to your collections at a discount!


Have some more questions? Check out our list of frequently asked questions HERE.

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