Wind Blown Membership FAQs

How long is the membership good for?
The $100 membership fee will qualify you for all the membership benefits for one year from the date of purchase. 

Does the membership automatically renew? 
Yes, your membership will renew at the 1 year mark, but we will email you a few weeks beforehand to remind you of the upcoming renewal. If you wish to cancel your membership, just visit your Wind Blown account settings and click "manage memberships" and from there you can click "cancel." 

How do I make sure my discount applies to my orders?
Once you sign up for the membership, we will send you a welcome email which includes a code just for you. As you shop over the next year, just apply that code at check out and voila—20% off will be applied to your order. 

Can I give the membership as a gift?
YES! You can and we think this would be the PERFECT gift for the Wind Blown lover. They will reap the benefits all year long! As of now you can purchase the membership yourself and leave a note at checkout with the name, address, and email of the recipient that you want the membership to go to.

Our team will then transfer the membership to their account and send them their free pair of earrings and welcome pack!

Who do you suggest become a member?
If you already know that you love Wind Blown, this membership is for you! Even if you don’t take advantage of the WILD Black Friday sale discounts, you will come out saving money with your yearlong of 20%!

Can I purchase the membership right before the Black Friday Sale?
Absolutely! You will be eligible for 40% off immediately and will be able to enjoy the membership benefits for 1 year!

Can I use my membership discounts in person?
Definitely. We will honor your membership perks at pop-up markets or events in store. We are serious when we say you will get 20% off everything at any time!

Once a membership is purchased no refunds will be granted. Also, we are so committed to making this irresistible that you will not want a refund. You can enjoy the perks of membership for the entire year and if you buy just a few pieces you will break even with your steep discounts!

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