Wind Blown’s Guide to Summer Fun

Okay, okay—summer is in full swing, and we’re soaking up the rays over here on the Wind Blown team. We hope that you guys are enjoying your summer, too. Better yet, we want to be a part of it! We (of course) truly love our Wind Blown jewelry, and we really do take it everywhere.

We’ve been known to show off our Persisting Posts and Belong Necklace on our beach, lake, and pool days, and we just keep on rocking them for date night, game night, and even summer weddings. Plus, the 18” Strength Necklace is a total “I’m a cool mom” mood. Just sport it with your fabulous swimsuit and BAM, you’ll be the coolest one at the neighborhood pool this summer.


Our pieces truly are transitional, which was one of my major pushes behind creating Wind Blown in the first place—I wanted to make effortless, lasting, jewelry that would transition from outfit to outfit and life season to life season. 

As we are already mid-summer, we wanted to share some of our Wind Blown favorites with all of you party people.

Think of it as a “Wind Blown Summer Guide,” if you will. Want to know the best part? You don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack your Wind Blown jewelry or getting it tangled in your suitcase.

When we thought about how we would pack our jewelry, we just looked at each other and we all said, “We don’t, because we’re already wearing it."

Sarah rocking her Sustained, Strength and Kindness Bracelet, which totally takes her bathing suit to the next level!

Protecting yourself from the rays:
Here are some of our favorite sunscreens that we use to protect ourselves (and our littles) when we’re out in the sun. And when you’re wearing sunscreen with your Wind Blown jewelry, just try to avoid putting it directly on your jewelry. If you want to wipe off any residue with a beach towel, that will keep it nice and shiny.

Also our friend, Judith from Good Juju Herbal, put together an incredible and informative sunscreen guide on her instagram if you want to check it out.

Summer reads:
We’ve compiled some of our favorite books as some summer reading options. Anybody else have summer reading lists as a kid? While those were sometimes hard to work through (it’s much more fun to play in the pool!), we hope you enjoy these books as much as we did as adults.

Becca prefers to watch a good British documentary or play in the pool with her four boys. Whatever you enjoy doing this summer, we hope you get to do lots of it.  

Ella's book helping her survive the chaos of moving!

Beach (or Pool!) Snacks
What’s the best part about the beach? Is it the sound of the ocean waves? The sand between your toes? Watching your kids play? While all of those are hard to rank, one of our favorite parts about the beach is truly the beach snacks. We can’t go without them! 

Ella’s “Mouse” Lunch (basically a glorified snack lunch):
Pack a box of crackers, whole pack of pepperoni, some fruit, sliced cheese, teddy grahams and you’re set. There’s a couple different combinations here, and you really can’t go wrong. The trick is to essentially make a kid-friendly charcuterie board. A lot of times before we head to the pool I’ll throw things like this in my bag and maybe cut up some watermelon to go with it. My favorite combination is green apple slices, pepper jack cheese, and turkey—I eat it all together like a grown-up Lunchable. My triplets’ favorite combination is crackers, green apple slices, cheddar cheese, and pepperoni.

Rachel’s Beach Tumblr:
In case you didn’t know, Rachel LOVES fruit—especially watermelon! One of her favorite things is enjoying her famous “Fruit Tumblr” on the beach. Just freeze your ingredients, throw it in some cold water, and you’ll have flavorful beach tumblr ready for a day in the sun.

  • Fruit Punch: Mangos, pineapples, blueberries
  • Watermelon (Strawberry) Mint: Lime, watermelon (strawberry), mint 

A few more summer essentials:
These don’t necessarily fit into any one category, but they are some of our favorite things to take on all of our summer adventures. 

  • This Coleman cooler backpack is a steal of a price and great for keeping your summer snacks cold.

  • These white Amazon slides are so cute and versatile. They’re great for pool days and even cute enough to wear with a little sundress!

  • Our friend, Kendra, from the Lazy Genius got us hooked on this pool bag. It fits all the towels, sunscreen, and toys. Plus, you can easily rinse it out—genius! 

  • Okay, if we’re being honest, we’ll probably spend most of our summer in these bike shorts and active shorts (they both have pockets!).

Both Rachel and Ella have this purple pair but they come in SO many colors! 

We hope you all are having a wonderful summer spent doing all of your favorite things with your family and friends. 

— The Wind Blown team 

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