Kindness Bracelet

  • $ 48.00

Kindness Bracelet (n.)—careful consideration and genuine warmth towards others; unselfish love.

Every piece of jewelry made by the Wind Blown team is created to be transitional and long lasting. Wear it to the gym, pool, work, girl’s night out, or to the park with your kids—all of our pieces are tried and tested to make sure they can hold up to whatever your day holds.

  • 6.5” and 7” options available
  • Adjustable chain (custom option available)
  • Chain is 14k gold-filled and 14k gold-plated
  • Box chain style
  • Dainty and light
  • Stackable


14k Gold–Plated

Our 14k gold-plated pieces are meant to be durable. At Wind Blown, we create the thickest gold plating (1 micron or MORE, to be exact!) possible to ensure that the plating won't rub off over time.

14k Gold-Filled

Our 14k gold-filled pieces are made to mirror gold for a fraction of the price. We start with a thick layer of solid 14k gold and pressure bond it to a core of jeweler's brass, so you have a piece of jewelry that will last for a fraction of the price. I

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All of our raw materials and plating is sourced from Albuquerque, New Mexico. From there, we create everything in Wake Forest, North Carolina, where team Wind Blown is based.

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