Wind Blown Design Contest

We are working on new packaging and need some help. Who better to turn to than our amazing community? You "get" us and you are talented — that is why we are opening up this opportunity to you all! 

Winner will receive: 

  • $1,000 cash
  • $250 worth of Wind Blown jewelry 
  • Your design featured on our packaging
  • Shout-outs on all of our social platforms

How do I enter?
Fill out the submission form HERE — each participant may submit up to five designs! 

All submissions must be turned in by August 8th, 2021. We will review the submissions and notify the winner via email!

What are we looking for? 
We want the packaging to communicate our brand. We like to think of ourselves as fun, encouraging and not fussy. 

What does the design need to include?

  • Our logo:
  • Our website and Instagram handle:
    • @windblownjewelry 
  • Communicate the three elements of:
    • Fun, encouraging
    • Easy choice
    • Long lasting, good quality jewelry you can wear all the time

I know this isn’t a ton of direction, but we really want to see what YOU, our people, envision for our packaging.

What we do know: 

  • We are sourcing the tubes from Paper Tube Co. (lots of inspiration there)
  • Three-piece tube with insert (3” tall, 2 ¼” diameter)
  • Matte lamination finish on the tube
  • We are open to a touch of the pearl (iridescent color)

Don’t be afraid to take us outside of our comfort zone a bit. We want to begin shifting our brand image to more fun, less polished. While you can look at our past photos and colors as examples, we are moving in a new direction. What is that new direction? Hard to say until we see it! This is where you come in. If you watch our Instagram stories, you know our personality. In the past year we have really become more comfortable with who we are — just a bunch of busy women, working hard and having fun. We want our customers to think of us and smile when they pick up our packaging!

Our branding in the past has been a bit more "elevated" and we would like to see our brand become more "approachable."

Another tip: While we love simplicity, we also love art. A pattern or some artwork on the tube would be beautiful. We want it to feel special but also fun and approachable.

You are going to do a great job! 

You may also want to know...

  • Current Color Hex Codes
      • Rust  - F18A58
      • Blue- DFF0E7
      • Olive-B1C598
      • Peach-F2CCB9

These are what we are working with now, but remember we are giving you 100% freedom! How do you envision Wind Blown?! 

Wind Blown will only use the work of the selected winner. We will not use any part of your art or design if you are not chosen, nor keep them for future projects. The prize is contingent upon delivering on up to two rounds of revisions. All work submitted must be original.