Slay Your Holiday Market Workshop

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Slay Your Holiday Market Workshop

Are you in a holiday market but not sure how much to prep? Worried about your display or interacting with customers? Been in markets where you feel like you didn’t sell as much as you could have? 

Triangle Pop Up and Wind Blown Jewelry are collaborating to bring you valuable information on how to maximize your Holiday Pop Up Markets. The night will include a Pop Up 101 presentation, question and answer time as well as space for you to create an action plan and resources to help you slay your next market!

Join us, Friday, October 25th at Black and White Coffee from 7:00-8:30. 

Each ticket includes a drink and sweets from Black and White an award winning coffee shop in Wake Forest NC.


Sarah is the Founder of Triangle Pop up, a market that brings thousands of people to their well curated events. Triangle Pop Up seeks to connect local artists and small businesses to the public by giving them platforms to expose their brand. Sarah will let us in on what Markets are looking for in applications as well as how to be a top notch market participant!


Rachel, Wind Blown Jewelry, has been doing pop ups for 6 years. She has turned Wind Blown into a full time business that supports her and employs three other women. Pop Ups have been a key to this success and she is eager to share her knowledge with you.


*The workshop will be most beneficial for those who are newer to Pop Up Markets or those who plan to do markets in the future. 


Questions? Feel free to reach out to us (Wind Blown or Triangle Pop Up) on social media or email


** This product may not be purchased using any promotional codes. 

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