Why I am glad my studio was messy today...

 I walked into my studio/office today and could barley move. I’ll spare you the details but trust me when I say it is “enter at your own risk status” up in here. I cleared off a space big enough to pull out my computer and sat down to do some emails but just COULD NOT concentrate.

It was time for a coffee break. I decided it was ok to let myself stare out the window and think for a few minutes. Maybe this would help me get back on track.

Rachel Calhoun

Coffee in hand I began to reflect on why I do what I do. So the top of the paper said “Why do I continue to pursue Wind Blown? Why do I do what I do?”I started to journal because there is magic in putting a pen to paper and letting your thoughts flow and it is generally more acceptable than talking to yourself out loud.

“I do this because I love to make…I was going to say “make jewelry”, but I only got as far as make before I crossed it out and wrote “create”. I do this because I love to create. While I love creating jewelry it is so much deeper than that. I love creating a brand and a following. I love creating beauty and friendships, structures and ideas and I am privileged to do this creating as a JOB.

I am glad my studio was so messy today because it forced me to reevaluate why I get up every day and walk in here and work no matter how I feel. No matter my surroundings, no matter what people are or aren’t saying about Wind Blown, what stores I am in or not in.  I am working for something more than just jewelry. I am creating and I love creating. A display, a package, a concept, a new piece of jewelry. I love creating and am BLESSED to be able to create as a lifestyle.

Rachel Calhoun making jewelry

I want to send you all a heart felt Thank you. Your support is the reason I am able to continue creating. I hope you are able to benefit from something I have or will create! I also hope you are able to enjoy whatever it is you are creating today. A moment, an idea, a product or a friendship. Take a second to stop and enjoy it.

Rachel Calhoun, Maker behind Wind Blown Jewelry

Photos by Joanna Pacchioli of Copper Creatives

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