You Got this

At Wind Blown we believe you deserve the best; that’s why we make everyday jewelry that complements your life story.

Whether you’re a busy mom, a hardworking boss lady, a world- traveling master or a combination of a lot things, we salute you right where you are.


  • "Such simple pieces that make me feel put together, even on a blah day."

    Christiann L.

  • "I'm not a big jewelry person, but they have made me one. The most simple, beautiful gold jewelry on the market. All their pieces make amazing gifts too."

    Abby M.

  • "The only accessories I bother with most days, to be honest."

    Lexy M.

  • "It's my absolute fave! I wear it every day"

    Kate M.

  • "I love that all your pieces are not only beautiful but have meaning."

    Kristina B.