Wind Blown is coming to a close

     Wind Blown Jewelry. When I hear it I feel a gush of pride, amazement, and gratitude. It is the business I dreamt up, labored over, and grew for the last 11 ½  years. What began with a freckle-faced middle schooler selling beaded jewelry, has blossomed into a thriving, profitable business with a loyal customer base and high-quality jewelry that is worn daily by thousands of women. 
     Over the years, Wind Blown became a force much bigger than me. We employed dozens of women. We sold tens of thousands of pieces of jewelry (literally 33,088 pieces since we started tracking it in 2015) to almost 25% of all of the world’s countries (How did they find us!??!). We had the privilege of seeing influential women wear and love our jewelry (Tori Kelly, Jenna Fischer, and the Lazy Genius, just to name a few!) We grew exponentially year over year and had a whole heck of a lot of fun along the way.
     It has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my life to run this business alongside some of my best friends and incredibly talented women. Not to mention, the joy of connecting with so many of you. I am immeasurably proud and thankful. 
     Our offices have never been glamorous, yet they have been some of the most sacred places to me. I will always remember with such thankfulness the tears cried- both happy and sad, the prayers prayed and answered, the friendships that flourished, the dancing to 2000’s rap, the hard problems we solved, and all the laughter that bellowed in those walls.
     Life, as we all know, comes in seasons— natural rhythms. To live is to be subject to seasons. Sunrise and sunset. Spring, summer, winter, fall. Beginnings and ends. There is beauty and purpose in each. With great joy and a weight of sadness, I have realized that Wind Blown’s season is over. I am entering a new season. A season of rest. A season of family focus. A season that begins with me shutting down this business. 
     I am blessed to say we are going out on top. Which makes it even harder to say goodbye. However, I am confident this is the right choice. I've resonated with Richard Blackaby's words in his book The Seasons of God. “The problem is that we cannot get the most out of life if we hold on to a season past its expiration date. In trying to do so, we deprive ourselves of the freshness and wonder of the new season awaiting us. The way to live the most fulfilling life possible is to squeeze every ounce of life out of each season in turn—  to continually grow in purpose, passion, and perspective— and then to boldly move on to the next season when it comes.”
     Thank you for being a part of this wild and beautiful season of my life! Every person you told about us, every piece of jewelry you bought, every kind word or handwritten note you sent us, every rambling story you watched or post you liked. It was all a tiny part of this incredible journey. And we did it! We are at the finish line. We did a good job, and now it is time to sit down and rest. Maybe to cheer on the other runners?
     If you want to run to the finish line with us, we invite you to! You can shop the last of Wind Blown jewelry now. We have also reopened some more warehouse jewelry that is available to you now. You can also shop from our regular stock of all-time favorites  which are selling out quickly! If you have questions please email us at Thank you for being a huge part of our success over the years. We are thankful for each one of you.
With a full, happy, and a little bit sad heart,

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