3 tests to make sure your ring fits perfectly!

The perfect fit of a ring is snug past your knuckle and then a little bit loose once down on your finger. When I say snug I mean that you have to give it a bit of a push to get past your knuckle. A little bit loose can be tested by taking your opposite hand and lightly grabbing the ring. If it is  able to easily twist from side to side as well as move up and down about a half an inch you have achieved the “little bit loose”! Congratulations!  

Now the above rule applies mostly to your middle finger, ring finger and pinky. It also assumes that your finger is at least a bit thinner than your knuckle. If this is not the case it should be snug enough that you cannot easily slip it off with a light tug but not too snug that you have skin bulging from above or below the ring. 

The finger seems like a pretty easy place to avoid a muffin top, so anywhere we can eliminate a muffin top, I’m on board. 

If you are perpetually having muffin top problems, try a thicker band. More band area will help equally displace the pressure that forms the muffin top.


The rule that trumps my tried and true rule is this: HOW DOES IT FEEL?              


You are the one who is going to be wearing that ring. You want to make sure to shake your hand around, grab some things, flex and clench your hand and see how it feels! Is it uncomfortable when you make certain movements? Probably too small! If it feels like it may come off, too loose. Ideally with our stacking rings you will hardly feel them. They are designed to be lightweight and comfortable.

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