Rachel and William Ultrasound!

AHHHH! I know, it is crazy! The newest addition to the Wind Blown team will be arriving June 22nd! (or somewhere around there) William and I feel SO blessed and overwhelmed in the best way! 

I am so excited to finally share this news with you all, my faithful supporters! You all are the reason we are able to pay for these doctors appointments (I may or may not have cried when I realized how much it would cost to have our baby) and you will be the reason I can continue to work AND take care of my new baby! 

Years ago when I was deciding whether or not to go all in with Wind Blown I was writing down reasons why it was a worthy endeavor. There were many, but one that came out of my not-anywhere-near-thinking-about-having-kids mind was that Wind Blown would allow me to stay home with our children while still pursuing what I love and contributing financially. That that dream will happen THIS YEAR! It still feels unreal. Perhaps more unreal than the day I penned that on paper. 

Can you believe it? The timing is perfect. The Wind Blown team is prepped and ready for continuing on and we are expecting big things for 2019 as it relates to you all!


Love Rachel and Little Baby!





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