Wind Blown Jewelry for Every Mom

Wind Blown Jewelry for Every Mom

Whether you’re looking for something special for a new mom, a way to show appreciation for an honorary mom, or a gift for a true legend of a mom, Wind Blown’s hand-crafted jewelry pairs with any mom’s style and life pace. 

Here are a few fun ideas we’ve pulled together to honor all moms, no matter what season they’re in. 

We all support her — the new mom.
Late nights and loads of laundry are accompanied by the joy of new life — the new mom is spending her days changing diapers and soaking up baby giggles. She might not have time for a 10-step skin care routine, but the Persisting Posts are perfect to elevate her wardrobe without her even having to remember to take them on and off everyday. Want to really treat her? Add on the Strength Necklace. Both of these pieces transition well from lounging around the house to date night. They’re also sturdy, making them perfect for little hands that are learning to explore.  

We’ve all seen her— the minivan mom running laps around the rest of us.
She’s packing lunches, dropping and picking up from school, attending every sports practice, and running everything else at home (and work!). She’s busy. Her outfits might change five times a day between work, coaching, cleaning, and all of her other duties. She needs jewelry that’s light, easy, and transitional. The Belong Necklace and Gentle Hoops are dainty enough to chase kids around with, transitional enough for work and the gym, and will help her feel at least somewhat trendy, despite the fact she may still part her hair on the side or wear skinny jeans.

We all need her — the honorary mom. 
Some women become mothers by birth, while others become honorary mothers to us by the wisdom, guidance, and steadfastness they pour out in our lives. They’re our mentors, shepherding us through life and teaching us about womanhood, marriage, and resilience. Show her that you see her with the Resilient Studs and Worthy Ring. Every time she puts them on, she’ll think of you and the bond that you share.

We all love her — the mom in waiting.
For many of us, Mother’s Day is all about celebrating the amazing moms in our life, but for others, it’s a reminder for something they deeply long for. The journey toward motherhood is different for everyone. Gift the Belong Necklace and let her know that she belongs — you see her right where she is. 

We all know her — the mom with decades of experience. 
She’s the Thanksgiving meal specialist, the table-setting expert, and the fitted-sheet-folding guru. She has decades of mothering experience, and she shares her knowledge with those around her. She sustained you as you pushed through each first day of school, your first breakup, and your first day on the dream job. Give her the Sustained Necklace as a reminder of all the ways she’s strengthened you and the Peaceful Studs as a celebration of the peace and comfort she’s brought in your life.

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