Find Your Ring Size

Ordering rings online can be intimidating! How do you know what size to get or if that size will fit exactly how you want? We have included some helpful resources to make it easy to know which size ring will be your best fit!

First: Don't fret! The great thing about fingers is they are all different sizes, even on different hands, so you are likely to get it to fit on one of your fingers perfectly even if you are a bit "off". 

You are the ultimate decision maker about how you want your ring to fit. Some people like it tighter than others and vice versa. However a general rule is for the ring to be snug past your knuckle and then a little bit loose once it is on your finger. 


Our number one favorite way to do ring sizing is to use apps on your phone. There are TONS of ring sizing apps where all you need is a current ring and the app. SUPER EASY!

Our favorite ring app is listed below. We have included the link so all you have to do is download. 

Ring Size finder  -when doing this make sure the white line is just inside a ring that fits you! 


The next best option in our opinion requires a small bit of work on your part. You will need a ruler and a current ring. Measure the inside of the ring in mm then look at the chart below to find your ring size. 

If you do not have a ruler we suggest downloading the RULER app.


The last option requires the most effort on your part but ensures accuracy. For this option you will need string and a ruler. Again, if you don't have a ruler we suggest using the RULER app. Wrap the string around your finger then measure how long the string is. Where the string overlaps is where you will stop measuring. Compare that measurement to the chart below. Pro tip: make sure the string fits comfortably, yet snugly around your finger. 

 Happy ring sizing! Let us know if this was helpful or if you have any other questions! 

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