Warehouse Sale FAQ's

We’re so excited to share the 2023 Wind Blown Warehouse Sale.




What will be sold in the Warehouse Sale? 

We will have our current line of jewelry, throwbacks, overstock and some products we never brought to market or one-of-a-kind pieces. They will all be discounted even if there is nothing wrong with them, like the never released or retired products. To read up on how the jewelry will be categorized click here. Be sure to keep up with our stories to get sneak peeks of what you might find.


How quickly does product sell out?

Quickly! All warehouse product is limited and we won't be restocked. So we suggest you have (at least) a loose plan of what you want to try to snag before you get on and be by your computer or phone as soon as the sale launches. Last year we had 14 large orders placed within the first 2 minutes after the sale went live. Every second counts! We have worked hard to make as much product as we can to ensure that everyone is able to get at least one thing they want, but we can't make any promises!


Can I see exactly what you are selling?

Yes, on our instagram we will feature lots of warehouse jewelry. Head over to see sneak peeks and behind-the-scenes preparation! The warehouse highlight is a great place to catch up on anything you've missed and prepare for the sale!


What kind of discounts will there be?

The discounts begin around 15% off of the normal retail price and get higher from there. Some items are up to 80% off. 

There are two product categories- "Almost perfect" and "Little Oops Big Discount" with almost perfect jewelry being discounted around 20% and Little Oops Big Discount at 50% or more off retail price. Learn more about the categorizations.


Can I still shop if I’m not a Wind Blown Member?

Absolutely! The warehouse sale will open for you at 2pm EST Saturday September 30th. We suggest being online right when the sale goes live in order to have access to the deals you want. In our experience our warehouse product sells out quickly (we are talking minutes)! So while we have tried to prepare, there is no guarantee on the exclusive warehouse products. Members get access to the sale at 10 am EST Saturday September 30th. 


Can I become a member to gain early access?

We have capped our membership and aren't accepting any new members this year. We are working to have enough product to hold up so there will be some fun things left for the general public! 

Do members get an extra 20% off warehouse sale jewelry?

Since all warehouse items are already marked at an incredible discount, the Wind Blown Member discount will not be valid on warehouse jewelry. The member perk here is to have first dibs and an entire extra day. Any “normal” jewelry can be purchased with your 20% discount during warehouse sale along with your warehouse purchases. 

Do I need a ticket to shop?

No, no ticket necessary. Simply shop here on our website! Visit www.windblownjewelry.com and click the warehouse sale tab in the top left hand menu. That will take you straight to the shopping page. If you are a member make sure to login to your account to gain early access. 


Will I see a picture of the exact jewelry I will receive? 

Generally the answer is no. We have pictured an example of the quality that you can expect from each category. So do allow for slight differences from the photo. If It is a one of a kind piece, then yes! We have pictured the piece you will receive.


Can I order “normal” jewelry with my warehouse order? 

Yes, you can! Our “normal” jewelry will be available as usual with your warehouse purchases.


When will I get my warehouse sale jewelry? 

All the warehouse sale jewelry is already made and ready to ship. We have extra help on hand to ship the orders out, and we will be working every day to do so. However, depending on our order volume, please allow up to a week from the time your order was placed before they will be shipped. You will receive a tracking number and shipping updates once your items have been sent out.


How will the jewelry be packaged?

We love that warehouse sale is a chance for us to reuse and eliminate waste, so we will be reusing our old cards and any packaging materials we have on hand! This means if you ordered a Belong Necklace don’t be surprised if it comes on a card that touts a different name! 


Refunds or returns?

All warehouse jewelry purchased will be final sale. No refunds or exchanges offered.

 Happy shopping! We can't wait to see all the wonderful deals you get!


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