Warehouse Sale Jewelry-What is there and how is it categorized?

Warehouse sale is Wind Blown's once a year sale where we offer you the chance to get our imperfect or not current product at a discount!

What kind of jewelry can be found in the warehouse sale?

RETIRED PRODUCT: You will see some retired products from Wind Blown. Products that we have sold in the past. Some may be in the almost perfect category even if they are actually perfect! BUT since it is the warehouse sale even if there is nothing wrong with them we will be selling them at a discount! Check the category (Almost perfect or DISCOUNT!) to know the level of perfection.

ONE OF A KIND/NEVER BEFORE SEEN PRODUCT: These are things not available at any other time of the year! They could be samples of things we have tried in the past and never brought to market or new products (like the big hoops) that we made exclusively for the sale! Some are totally perfect and some may have minor defects. Just check that category to know! 

IMPERFECT PRODUCTS: These products will be categorized as either "Almost perfect" or "Little Oops, Big Discount".  Here is an overview of each category.

How are imperfect products classified?

Category #1: Almost perfect!

The integrity and durability of the pieces have not been compromised. A great eye to detail could find the imperfection, but even then it may take a while. Like all of our jewelry, these pieces are great for sensitive skin. Most products in this category would still be fine to gift!

“Almost Perfect” jewelry could have:

-Barely noticeable uneven surfaces

-Slight scratches or small dents

-Negligible discoloration

-Pendants that are a hair off-center

Within this category there will also be products that have NOTHING wrong with them! Including:

-Otherwise “brand new” retired pieces


-Prototypes that were never sold

-Exclusive products we created just for the sale

Almost Perfect Jewelry

Pieces in the Almost Perfect category will sell for 15%-30% off retail price

Example: Belong Necklaces usually sell for $60. An “Almost perfect” Belong Necklace will sell for $48 in the Warehouse Sale.


Category #2: Little Oops, Big Discount!

These pieces are around 50%-65% off of retail value. These are great to buy for yourself if you aren’t picky!

These pieces might include:

-Brass which will patina (can be cleaned with the polishing cloth included in your order)

-Noticeable discolorations

-Gold plating or gold filling not always up to our standards (not true for all of this category)

-Uneven textures and surfaces

-Deeper scratches

-Earrings that are noticeably mismatched

-May not have the long term durability Wind Blown prides itself on

Little Oops, Big Discount

Example: A Belong Necklace in the Little oops, Big discount! category will sell for $30. That is THIRTY dollars off retail!!! 

*Please know that our number one goal is to honor you for your support! We have personally categorized each piece and when in doubt we categorized into the lowest category; which benefits you, the buyer! We truly are excited for you to add to your collections at a discount.


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