How to Best Care for Your Wind Blown Jewelry

We’re all about that easy to care for, no-hassle jewelry. Life is busy and there are many things to keep up with, so we’re not here to add to the noise. We make jewelry that fits into your life. It’s versatile and it lasts. We like to think that our jewelry goes from birthing babies (keep reading for an awesome story below), to days at the office, to date night. Becca, Ella, and I have been wearing our Gentle Hoops since December(!!!), and they’re still going strong.  

“The first piece of Wind Blown jewelry I bought was the Belong Necklace, and it quickly became a staple in my wardrobe. I have worn my Belong Necklace for well over a year, and I never take it off…I have worn it hiking, in weddings, to workout classes, and even wore it two weeks ago when I gave birth to my third baby! I’m thankful this company exists to provide beautiful, durable, and versatile pieces that are made with so much meaning and heart behind them.” 

 — Hilary, Wind Blown Customer

So, since we’ve established that our jewelry goes with basically anything and can stand up to whatever your day might hold, let’s talk about some easy tips and tricks to keep your Wind Blown jewelry shining and ready to go—we promise, this will be easy, too! 

Our jewelry details

At Wind Blown, we use a few different types of metals including gold-filled, and sterling silver; some pieces are Gold-plated. Our Gold-filled and Gold-plated jewelry can stand up to everyday wear as it has a thick layer of gold over the base metal. Want to know more? Read our "Honest Look at Wind Blown" for a detailed look at our metals. 

Care tips

While we strive to make our jewelry as resilient as possible (even toddler proof!), there are a few best practices to follow if you want to extend the life of your jewelry. All of our jewelry comes with a year-long replacement guarantee, so if you have any issues with your Wind Blown jewelry, email us at, and we’ll get it fixed for you ASAP.


Here is a list of super-handy tips to increase the lifespan of your Wind Blown.

  1. Ahhhhh — sunscreen, lotion, hairspray. What do they have in common? Let’s put it this way, you might love them, but your jewelry does not. Be wary of these products around your Wind Blown pieces because the chemicals shorten the lifespan of your jewelry by slowly wearing off the gold layer. If you do get any of these products on your piece, we suggest just taking a slightly damp cloth and gently cleaning off your piece. 
  2. Long, hot day? Or maybe you just went extra hard at the gym? If you’ve found yourself sweating a lot, it’s best to give your jewelry a wipe down with some warm water and a clean rag.
  3. Showers and soap are also not your jewelry's friend. We understand that life happens and sometimes (or if you’re like us, for months on end) you don’t take your jewelry off. That’s okay, just know that the better you take care of your pieces, the more years they will last. 
  4. Avoid leaving your jewelry dirty. If you’re not going to wear it for a while, make sure it’s clean and put away in a dry place.
  5. A bowl of warm water, a clean rag, and a soft cloth used very gently can go a long way.